Side Events

S3P Agri-food Working Committee Semi-annual Meeting

Monday 11.6. 10:00-17:00, meeting room F110

Many partnership activities supported by the Thematic Platform on Agri-food are built on regular exchanges between the European Commission services and European regions leading and/or taking part in various thematic partnerships. To ensure the smooth functioning of this joint initiative, it has been agreed to meet twice a year to discuss implementation of the Platform’s activities, resolve potential issues, and provide strategic guidance.

The Working Committee consists of all regions participating in Agri-food thematic partnerships. As a result, these Working Committee Meetings bring together the European Commission services and representatives of all Agri-Food thematic partnerships.

The Working Committee meetings offer lead and partner regions an opportunity to:

  • assess and benchmark the progress of each partnership, discuss any ongoing/future challenges and develop new solutions;
  • obtain information on possible synergies with other initiatives, e.g. Interreg, EIT Food or EIB;
  • discuss and share strategic guidance for the next period on key issues such as building synergies with EU funding programmes, overcoming regulatory obstacles for investment, understanding financial instruments, and skills.

Furthermore, S3P Agri-food Working Committee meetings offer thematic partnerships to organise their technical meetings. Please see more the meeting agenda and more information here.


Personal Genetic Information and Health Mesages for Life Style Changes

Tuesday 12.6. 13:00-16:00, meeting room F212

Research consortium of The Natural Resources Institute of Finland (LUKE), University of Turku (UTU) and University if Eastern Finland (UEF) have a great pleasure in inviting you to the special session  to be held in Seinäjoki 12.6.2018.  The event is organized in collaboration with Food Business Summit and ERIAFF Conference, Seinäjoki, Finland, 11.-13.6.2018.  Participation is free

Research consortium introduces you the background of the Academy of Finland –funded project  Effects of ApoE4 genotype information and intervention intensity on the fulfillment of lifestyle changes and sensory preferences (2016-2019), and invites you to discuss about the different aspects of using personal genetic information as a motivation for life style changes.

TIME & PLACE: 12.6.2018 at 13-16.  Frami F,  F212, Seinäjoki, Finland.

13.00 Welcome/Opening (chair prof Anu Hopia)
13.10-13.40    Personal genetic information ­ current status, Prof Raija Tahvonen/LUKE
13.40-14.00    Ethics and genetics, Prof Kirsi Vähäkangas/UEF
14.00-14.20    APOE as a tool for changing health behaviour, Maaria Tringham/UTU
14.20-14.35    Break
14.35-15.00    Genetic variation and food preferences, Ass. Prof. Mari Sandell/UTU
15.00-15.15    Direct-to-consumer genetic testing and ethics (Poster)´, Suchetana De/UEF
15.05-15.20    APOEMOT-study – Experimental set-up  (Poster), Heli Karjalainen/UTU
15.20-15.35    Clinical biomarkers ­ Why & What (Poster), Heidi Leskinen/LUKE
15.35-15.50    General Discussion: Possibilities and current challenges in providing personal genetic information
15.50-16.00    Closing remarks, profs. Raija Tahvonen/LUKE, Anu Hopia/UTU and Kirsi Vähäkangas/UEF”